Nora's Poetry Books

We are happy to make available for you the following poetry books written by Nora Groves. All of the books are available for download and some are also available in printed format. Check back regularly as we will be adding more titles.

Help Nora Groves off-set the costs of her ministry by purchasing a copy of her e-books. Nora frequently gives away copies of her print editions to people in need. By buying a copy of her e-book you will enable her to continue this valuable ministry.

Christmas Hope

Contains 20 poems that reinforce the fact that Christmas is far more than Santa Claus, reindeer, lights, bells, tinsel, and gifts. It is a celebration of a marvellous event that impacted the world in many different ways. (Christmas - Book 2)

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Christmas Joy

Contains 37 poems centered around Christmas and New Years. These poems are designed to turn your focus on God and what He has done and to remind you of the true meaning of the season. (Christmas - Book 1)

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The Perks of Aging

Contains 51 poems dealing with the topic of life from a senior's perspective. This booklet makes a great gift for the elders in your life. It also provides a wealth of understanding of the life faced by seniors and the transitions and major life changes that they face.

  Introductory Price - $4.97
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