Take Him Gently, Lord

As the door into Your presence opens slowly,
And this world of suffering gradually recedes,
Hold him in Your tender arms
And take him gently, Lord.

Help him to let go, to rest his weary head
Upon Your breast,
At peace and without fear;
Knowing You are near.
May he find Your sweet, eternal rest.

Let those who love him so
And hate to see him go,
Be thankful for the years that he has spent,
And even through their tears,
Pray the unselfish prayer
Of relinquishment.

Comfort them, dear Jesus,
Surround them with Your love,
Reassure them of his welcome
To his home above.

Release him from this body
Of darkness and of pain,
Help him to enter Heaven,
A whole new life to gain,
To stand in light and health
And praise Your gracious Name!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves

(Written for the family of a young man dying of leukemia)