That's Life!

I wonder if you have noticed when you're out for a pleasant walk
With your friend, for exercise, fresh air and a quiet talk,
How many buses whiz on past? But when you must go somewhere,
You stand at the stop and wait because the bus is never there?
That's Life!

You join a local Seniors' Club with all their groups and fun,
Hoping to meet a nice man there, but usually there isn't one!
Oh, lots of ladies friendly and nice; many of them just like you,
Hoping to find a gentleman friend they might be attracted to!
That's Life!

You collect coupons so carefully, hoping to save a dime,
But at the store the shelf is bare - it happens all the time!
Or there's an ad in the paper for an item on special sale,
But do they have any left in stock? A rain check will never fail!
That's life!

You check the mailbox every day, and only bills you find.
But one day when you are busy, somehow it slips your mind.
When you find an unexpected cheque - you open it with glee;
Then remember it is Sunday and the banks are closed - ah me!
That's Life!

When you've been on a shopping spree and head out to your car,
Searching anxiously for keys - can't figure out where they are;
But after the CAA has left after opening the door with ease,
Suddenly, in your pocket, you find those elusive keys!
That's life!~

The most annoying thing in this computer-loving age,
Is just how long it sometimes takes to access your Home Page.
Then you check your email InBox on the Internet,
Wow! Lots of mail is downloading, but spam is all you get!
That's Life!

But life is good for most of us, each day a gift so free,
We'd better make the best of it and always grateful be.
We have this time together now, to laugh and share a smile,
Spreading around some happiness for just a little while!
That's Life!

Honoria A . Groves