The Answer to My Need

I needed some help; my need was so great
With faith in my hand, I came to prayer's gate;
As boldly I knocked, the door opened wide
And warm, loving arms drew me inside.

I needed forgiveness - so heavy my guilt -
I came to Jesus Whose pure blood was spilt,
And humbly I asked Him to cleanse me from sin,
And make me holy without and within.

I needed a Friend; in my loneliness
I sought for Someone to bring happiness.
Now Jesus, my Saviour, lives within me
My companion for now and eternity.

I needed comfort for my grief and loss,
And thought of Christ's sorrow upon the Cross,
He sent His Mercy, His Love and Peace,
To lift my burden and grant release.

I needed love for my hard, cold heart;
His warm, sweet Spirit He did impart;
Now I know His love is strong and true
And I have love for others too.

I needed an answer - the burden I bore
Caused so much heartache and weeping sore.
He gave me assurance, “My Word is true”
“Give me your burden - I'll bear it for you.”

Whatever the need your life may now know
Through life's uncertain journey below,
The answer to each one you'll find, dear friends,
Can be found in Jesus, whose love never ends.

Honoria A. Groves

July, 1979