The Christ of Daily Need

Thank You, Lord, for being the Christ of Daily Need!
When I come in hunger, my soul you always feed;
If I thirst for righteousness, You give Your Holiness,
Your arm is never shortened so that it cannot bless.

When first I came to You, Jesus, repenting of my sin,
You cleansed my soul and Your Spirit came to dwell within.
And oh, the peace and joy and love that flooded me that day!
You met my need just then, and ever since along the way.

If I have heavy burdens and loads too hard to bear,
Your grace is still available as You my trials share.
Sufficient for today, Lord, that's all I need, or ask;
Just meet me where I am right now and help with this one task.

I'm glad You meet my needs, dear Lord, each day as I require,
Instead of granting all at once the things that I desire,
For I could not contain it all in my mortal, finite way;
I have to learn dependence upon my Lord, each day.

And so my heart is full of praise for such a God as this
Who not only meet my needs, but adds abundant life of bliss.
Just keep me close to You, My Lord, so nothing may impede
The constant contact of my soul with the Christ of Daily Need!

Honoria A. Groves