The Cost of Life

On Mother's Day we pause to think how very much we owe
To those who gave us human life and who have loved us so.
For only selfless sacrifice of suffering and pain
Down even to the gates of death, the gift of life can gain.

But not until the years go by and we have older grown,
Experiencing for ourselves the joy and pain they've known,
Can we know all that is involved in precious parenthood;
Tremendous cost of giving life in selfless motherhood.

Upon this special Mother's Day perhaps we should give thought
To what it cost our Father God, who our salvation bought.
Christ shed His blood upon the Cross, eternal life to gain;
In tender love He says to us: "Ye must be born again."

We thank You, Lord, for Motherhood and for our children too,
We thank You for Your gracious love providing life anew.
Help us in all humility to give ourselves to Thee
Accepting Your blest Gift of Life for all eternity.

Honoria A. Groves