The Crucible Of Tears

Some of life's deep lessons
As we travel through the years
Can only be experienced
In the crucible of tears.

When life is all plain sailing,
Not a trouble in the sky,
We may feel quite capable,
Saying “Who needs help? – not I!”

But when the storm clouds gather
And batter at our heart,
That's when we see our weakness
And begin to fall apart.

The fierce fires of affliction
Do the human spirit test
And may cause us to wonder
How we can cope the best.

But in this time of testing,
Trusting only in the Lord,
We can become much stronger,
Even though the way is hard.

So friend, accept these trials,
And give God all your fears,
For He will help and strengthen
Through the crucible of tears.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves