The First Warm Day of Spring

At last the sun with warming ray
Prompts us to celebrate today.
On the streets everyone says “Hi!”
“How great to see a bright blue sky!”
So long we have had frost and snow
With icy winds, how cold they blow!
It seemed we never would get through;
This winter made us all feel blue.
Then even through the mud and rain
We welcomed back the spring again.
Making our heavy hearts feel light,
With anticipation our eyes are bright.
For soon new life will start to show
As leaves and buds the trees will grow,
And warmth will bring the summer's bloom
Chasing away the winter's gloom.
So as the cycle of life goes on.
We praise God for His Own dear Son
Who suffered for us dreadful pain
Giving mankind hope again.
And through His Resurrection bring
The joy and life of Eternal Spring!

Honoria A. Groves

April 19, 2003