The Garden of Eden

In the Garden of Eden, God made man,
And in that garden, marriage began.
For He knew man should not be alone,
So He made Woman from Man's flesh and bone;
Created to meet his every need,
God intended a partnership indeed
Where companionship and mutual love
Would bring joy and blessing from God above.

That day when our Maker first made Man,
According to His wonderful plan,
He gazed around at His beautiful world -
Below the brilliant skies unfurled
Lay mountains, verdant fields and trees,
Flowers, animals, birds and bees,
But the crowning glory of His Power
God gladly viewed in that primeval hour
And blessed the pair in His image made;
Thus His plan for families was laid.

And as He looked with joy and pride
Upon that very first Groom and Bride,
So we know our Father is here today
To bless these two in His wondrous way,
For we believe that marriage is still
Part of His loving, marvelous Will.
He knows the needs of our human life
And brings together husband and wife,
Not just for their individual bliss,
But for each other's happiness,
That together they may always know
Fellowship with God while here below.

We've gathered here with joy today
And for their future life we pray,
For these two dear ones side by side,
Now united as Groom and Bride.
May God in His love and Mercy bless
Their lives with joy and happiness,
And if some shadows should arise,
May love's light never leave their skies.
Their home with joy be richly blessed,
With Christ, a welcome, honoured Guest.

When in temptation's trying hour
May they seek Your Holy Power.
Not only for true prosperity,
We pray their love be rich and free
To grow and deepen through the years
As they share smiles and perhaps tears.
Lord, lead them in the narrow way
As they follow You from day to day.
Guide them in Your perfect Will
Serving You and others still.

May Jesus Christ be the centre of Life,
His love keeping them husband and wife.
May they find release from care
In the blessedness of prayer.
Their lives be lived in harmony,
Placing all their trust in Thee.
In communion sweet along life's way
As in Eden's Garden, that very First Day!

Honoria A. Groves