The Gift of Sleep

I thank You, Heavenly Father,
For Your gift of restful sleep.
Last night I closed my weary eyes
And sank into slumber deep.

It had been such a busy day
With so many things to do;
No chance to stop and rest awhile,
But still I remembered You.

When I first opened up my eyes
To welcome another day
My spirit rose to worship You,
To praise You and to pray.

I sought Your blessing and Your Grace
To touch each busy hour,
And as I went from task to task
I felt Your peace and power.

And when the day had ended, Lord,
Again, I met You in prayer,
And knew that through the darkest hours
You would still be with me there.

So restless have been many nights
With sleep an elusive dream;
In great frustration I would toss
Until I thought I would scream.

But last night, in deep weariness,
I rested myself in You,
You gave me sleep, that precious gift,
That lasted the whole night through.

We take Your gifts for granted, Lord,
And so often fail to say
Our thanks to You for restful sleep
As we face another day.

Honoria A. Groves

March 19, 1996