The God of Peace

"Let not your heart be troubled",
"Believe in God alone",
"He loves and He will save you,"
"For sin He did atone" -
God's Word speaks peace to my heart.

One day I was a stranger,
But Christ's Cross reconciled
This sinful heart and made me
My Father's loving child -
God's Son makes peace in my heart.

Dwelling in His secret place
There is no cause for fear.
God is my Holy Refuge,
His Presence always near
Keeps perfect peace in my heart.

I'm learning more of peace, Lord,
In Your blest Spirit's School,
And in the bonds of Unity
I choose to let Him rule -
For He's the Peace of My Heart!

Honoria A. Groves

John 14: 1 Eph. 2: 14
Psalm 91 Col. 3: 15