The God Who Suffers

In many lands and cultures
Where Jesus is not known
Men bend their knee in worship
To gods of wood and stone.
Anxiously they sacrifice
From their deep need and fear
Pleading for some answers
To idols which can't hear.

The images they worship
Are deaf and also blind;
Incapable of feeling,
They have no heart that's kind
To look upon the suffering
Of those who kneel in prayer,
Or moved with deep compassion
Can help their burdens bear.

How blessed are we in knowing
A God who felt such love
For all His wayward children,
He left His Home above,
His heart touched with compassion Allowed His Son to die
Suffering in agony
For sinful you and I.

And daily as His children
Approach Him with their prayers,
His heart is touched in mercy
As He each burden shares.
He understands our heartache,
Responding to each sigh,
We have a God Who suffers
And sheds tears when we cry.

Experiencing emotion
He feels our pain and grief;
As any loving father
Will bring His child relief.
Understanding weakness,
He tenderly forgives;
That we may be forgiving
His grace to us He gives.

We know He also suffers
With those who know Him not.
He's also their Creator,
And none has He forgot.
In earthquake, flood or famine,
He hears the bitter pleas
And their anguished suffering
Compassionately sees.

Lord, mould us in Your image!
Give us a tender heart,
That in this world of suffering
We all may have a part.
To show Your love and kindness
To those whose need is great,
And draw them to the Saviour
Before it is too late.

Honoria A. Groves