The Good Old Days

Sometimes we long and pray and sigh
For "Good Old Days" that are gone by,
With nostalgia remembering
The great old hymns we used to sing;
The way God's Spirit was poured out
And how with praises we would shout.
Our altars filled with those in prayer,
All praising God for victory there!

But still our God is just the same!
There's power in His matchless Name.
He will forgive each one who calls,
And can lift up the one who falls.
God's glory still as brightly glows
In every heart that Jesus knows.
Today the Holy Spirit fills
And with His presence sweetly thrills.

Our God does not dwell in the past;
His gifts eternal ever last.
He calls us in these present days
To experience Him in deeper ways,
For great as were the days of yore,
There's something better on before.
If we stay close in prayer and praise,
We'll never miss those "Good Old Days"!

Honoria A. Groves