The Great Physician

You are the Great Physician
I bring my hurts to You;
The bitter, painful memories,
The deep frustrations too;
Resentment and the anger
From undeserved abuse,
The loud, abusive language
Till I felt I was no use.

Lord, You can heal my spirit,
You've seen the flowing tears,
The feelings of deep helplessness,
The immobilizing fears.
Why do I still remember
Those things so long ago?
Why they return to haunt me
I really do not know.

There surely is a reason
They come back to my mind,
I thought they were long buried;
But once again I find
Though forgiven and forgotten
A shadow still is cast
And I cannot face the future
Till I've dealt with the past.

So I bring those hurts to You, Lord,,
As tears of anguish flow.
You'll dry the tears so gently
And listen to me, I know.
You will perform Your surgery,
And though it cause some pain,
Your deep reconstruction
Will healing bring again.

Honoria A. Groves