The Hands of My Dear Mother

The hands of my dear mother
I remember well today.
They guided my first footsteps
And showed me how to play.
They tended many bruises,
And soothed each fevered brow.
I think of them so often
And wish I held them now!

Her hands so sweet and gentle
Opened up God's Holy Word.
And on the old piano
Played hymns of praise to God.
And many times I saw them
Clasped in earnest prayer,
Interceding that her children
Would meet her Over There!

I thank You, Heavenly Father,
For those hands so dear.
They wrote so many letters
Of encouragement and cheer.
They sewed and also knitted
Many lovely, useful things
That even now around my home,
A fond remembrance brings.

The hands of my dear mother,
(So busy all her life,
Serving other people,
As neighbor, mother, wife),
Are now at rest with Jesus.
Lord, use these hands of mine,
Like hers, in fruitful service,
Till I place them into Thine.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves