The Joys of Growing Older

The joys of growing older
Increase with every year.
I'd gladly tell you what they are
But I've forgotten, I fear!

These days it takes me longer
(It's sad, but very true),
To answer a simple question
"Good morning, How are you?"
But they don't want a litany
Of every ache and pain
Or else they won't be bothered
To stop and speak again.

When they say "Put the clock back",
I think, "Whatever for?"
And then try to remember
Where I kept it before!
I ponder in the bathroom
"Am I getting ready for bed?
Or am I here to freshen up
For going out instead?"

Sometimes I stop to wonder
As at the door I stand,
A hat and coat I'm wearing,
And keys are in my hand
Wherever was I going?
Or did I just come home?
Well, my shopping bag is empty,
So Kerr Street I shall roam.

At the bank I have been standing
So long in the queue,
When I hear the teller
Ask, "What can I do for you?"
I have to stop and question
As I look up with a pout,
"I came to make a deposit
Or should I take some out?"

This really isn't funny,
I want you all to know,
'Cos you may be the same someday
As on through life we go.

Some things I do remember
That often bring a smile
Are memories of days gone by
Where I linger for a while.
The scenes both sad and happy
That sometimes bring some tears
These always will stay with me
As companions down the years.

Honoria A. Groves

May 10, 1995