The Leader and the Follower

To be a follower, there must be a Leader;

To satisfy the hungry there needs to be a Feeder.

For every willing learner there has to be a Teacher.

To save from danger there must be a Reacher.

To banish darkness there must be a Light.

To end the wrong there has to be a Right.

To find the lost there has to be a Seeker.

There must be a stronger if there is a weaker.

To be a servant there must be a Lord.

To be a reader there has to be The Word.

To be a loved one there must be One to love.

To have an earth below, there must be Heaven above.

To be cared for there must be One who cares.

An interceder needs One Who hears those prayers.

In order to receive there must be One Who gives.

To have Eternal Life there must be One Who Lives.

Salvation to obtain Someone must have died.

To be redeemed the price has been supplied.

To have a Leader, a follower there must be.

My Leader is Christ Jesus, the follower is me!

Honoria A. Groves