The Loneliness of Jesus

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Christ agonized alone,
While His disciples lay asleep
Unconscious of His groan;
Then, through complete obedience
To all His Father's Will,
The door of Grace was opened wide
And welcomes sinners still.

Golgotha was a lonely place
Where Jesus shed His Blood;
He gave His blessed life alone
To bring us brotherhood.
For only by His sacrifice
Could we be reconciled,
Accepted by our Father God,
A loved, forgiven child!

The loneliness of Jesus' death
And darkness of the grave;
The separation from His God,
Were for our souls to save.
And when He rose in Mighty Power,
In spite of guard and stone,
He showed us when we come to die
We shall not be alone.

Then, after many wondrous things,
Alone, Christ rose to Heaven,
Promising the Comforter
Would unto men be given;
And when the Spirit fell in power
It gloriously was shown
That when God's Spirit dwells in us,
We're never more alone!

Honoria A. Groves