The Longer I Live

The longer I live, the more I appreciate things
Because I have more things to appreciate!
The fact that I can still see -
The dust on the buffet!
And hear my cat meowing because I forgot
To feed him!
I can still get up out of my chair,
Even though it takes a bit longer!
Walking to the store is not a problem
As long as I take my cane!
And I can enjoy my comfortable bed so much more
Because I lie awake so long at nights!

The longer I live,
I find that reading is a pleasure
With my glasses (and a magnifying glass);
What a genius who invented large size print!

Meals are always a treat
When they are easy to chew (and digestible);
TV is widely entertaining on a larger screen!
The raised toilet seat is a thing of beauty!
(not to mention helpful).
I appreciate all those pretty pills
Because they help me feel better
And keep things functioning.

The longer I live I have come to see
The time I spend alone is great -
It gives me time to think!
The phone is a good friend
Since I have been able to increase the volume
(when it rings!).
How thoughtful of them to put lights on appliances
To remind me to turn them off!
And someone was so thoughtful to design
A shopping cart with wheels!

The longer I live,
Perhaps I will someday be thankful
For the luxury of a walker or a wheelchair.
How clever of the manufacturers
To think up those cute plastic bubble packs!
They look so neat and will keep things
looking great for ever,
Because they are so hard to open!

The longer I live, it makes me truly glad to be alive
To provide employment for my Physician, Pharmacist,
Optometrist, Dentist, Podiatrist, and Chiropractor,
As well as the politicians who work so hard
Thinking up promises of more benefits
For the elderly
(Aren't they just too kind?)

These 81 years have been full of blessings
(if only I could remember them all!).
I truly thank God for all His goodness
And everything that has contributed
To a wonderful life -
The longer I live!

Honoria A. Groves

3:30 a.m. March 31, 2004