The Lord Bless You

The Lord bless you and keep you,
And make His Face to shine
Upon your way, every day -
This is a prayer of mine.

I wish you every blessing -
May you have God's very best!
It may not be what the world would choose,
But Your Father knows the best.

And in His glorious presence
There is deepest joy and peace;
A precious, close relationship,
From burdens sweet release,

God loves you so, my dear one
He'll always be, I pray,
Your very dearest, loving Friend
All along life's way.

He'll stay so close beside you,
Even when you are alone,
For God's our Heavenly Father,
And Christ His love has shown.

You are an inspiration
To every one you know,
Reflecting Jesus' likeness
Among us, here below.

So have a blessed Birthday -
Stay happy every day -
And may God bless and keep you
Each step along the way.

Honoria A. Groves