The Master Builder

When it comes down to dealing with broken lives,
It is no DO-IT-YOURSELF project;
There are no Instant Repair Kits;
Neither is there any Invisible Mending!

Lives may be fragmented;
Hopes and dreams frustrated;
Hearts shattered; love torn to shreds;
Emotional security undermined;
Individuals separated by seemingly insurmountable
Walls of fear and distrust.

But Christ, the Mast Builder,
Has all the tools and equipment necessary,
And if consulted, and granted that contract,
He is wondrously capable of
Drawing up and executing Great Remodeling Plans!

First, He will tear down the unwanted walls
With His gentle sledge-hammer of forgiveness,
Sweeping away the debris with the broom
Of His powerful Holy Spirit.

Starting to rebuild, bit by bit,
He will cement the bricks together with love,
Smoothing them with understanding and compassion;
Replacing fear with confidence; doubt with trust;
Gratitude instead of bitterness and resentment.

He will take the broken fragments
And begin to remould, reshape,
And meld together seemingly impossible situations,
Welding them into a design of such beauty
As could not have been imagined.
And the radiance of joy will flood
Through its shining windows!
Even minor flaws and cracks which remain,
Will become incorporated into the final design,
For without them the new structure
Would not have been possible.
Truly He makes all things new!

Remember too, He is always on call
As the Divine Maintenance Man,
For running repairs!

Praise God for His Divine Demolition!
For His Perfect Plan,
For His Powerful Purposes,
Executed in His Spiritual Workshop.
Resulting in Glorious Reconstruction,
To His Eternal Glory!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves