The Mountaintop

It's quiet here, Lord, let me stay,
Right here, alone with you, to pray.
It's easy now to sense your grace
While I am looking in your face.
Up here I'm calm and full of peace,
From all my problems find release -
Lord, let me stay!

Down there the busy world awaits,
With so much noise within its gates,
And heavy burdens to be borne
By hearts with grief and sorrow torn.
Could I not stay, forget the load
That waits upon the lower road -
Just for today?

But I remember things you said,
You did not shirk the Cross ahead,
And you have promised you will stay
Close beside me all the way.
The burdens you will help me bear,
For my concerns you also share -
From day to day.

I thank you for this mountain, Lord,
For blessings found within your Word,
Where I may find my joy complete,
And for your holy presence sweet.
I need to come here often, too,
To spend rich time alone with you.
Each new-born day.

But it is not the time or place
Which ministers to me your grace.
It is yourself, in living power,
Your joy and peace each passing hour,
Enabling me to share your name
Because I to this mountain came.
Once more today.

I know, dear Lord, I can't stay here,
But as I go, you'll still be near
Your precious Holy Spirit blessed
Is with me while at work or rest;
Then prayer and service both can be
A holy mountaintop to me
Throughout each day.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves