The Place of Blessing

When I'm down low, Lord Jesus,
My spirit crushed and sore,
The burden feels so heavy
I cry, "Dear God, no more!"
It's then I can look up, Lord,
From this chastened, lowly place,
At the tender, deep compassion
In Your precious, loving Face.
Because, dear Lord, I'm learning,
It is easier to see
Your Face from this position,
As You look down at me.

This is the place of blessing,
For in the hour of need
I truly sense Your Presence
And know Your love indeed.
Lord, help me to be humble,
On self not to depend,
But to let Your Holy Spirit
Be my Guide and Friend.
For then, Lord, You can use me
As each day goes by
To minister to others
As on YOU I rely.

Honoria A. Groves