The Prisoner

Betrayed and bound, our gentle Christ
A prisoner became,
Accused, abused and ridiculed,
In silence bore the shame;
A crown of thorns His diadem
"King of the Jews" His Name;
Then hammered to a cruel Cross
He died, to bear our blame.

Then guarded, even in His Death,
A rock secured his grave,
But He arose triumphantly
Men's precious souls to save.
So by His Resurrection Power,
Our road to Heaven He'd pave;
Eternal freedom grant to all
Whom Satan would enslave.

The shackles and the nails alone
Our Saviour could not hold,
He was a willing Prisoner
Bound by His Love untold.
So all held by their habits,
Slaves of sin or love of gold,
Can have their chains discarded -
Their prison doors unrolled.

Our Saviour Christ endured the bonds
Of suffering indeed,
Deliverance to make possible
For those who freedom need.
Each captive now may find release -
Christ's Blood will intercede -
So prisoners of sin and death
Eternally are freed!

Honoria A. Groves

April 5, 1996