The Prodigal's Brother

Lord, I've not been the Prodigal, I did not run away,
Your gifts have not been squandered, I didn't sin that way,
But as I look into my heart, with grief I have to say
I've been the Older Brother; Lord, forgive me now, I pray.

I didn't know I harboured self-righteousness and pride;
Or that hurts and deep resentments were lingering inside.
But now I know You love me in spite of all that sin,
Lord, wash me clean and make me more like You within.

Accepting Your forgiveness, my heart is filled with praise.
Now, help me be forgiving of my younger brother's ways.
Dear Jesus, keep me humble and help me always see
Because You died for sinners, You also died for me.

Then we who are Your family, Loving You our Father dear,
Can be closer drawn together as to You we gather near.
Now grant us true acceptance of each other's fear and pain,
So no other younger brother will leave his home again.

Honoria A. Groves

March, 1982