There is Much to Learn

There is much to learn about living
In the school of life each day;
Of receiving and of giving,
Whether to leave or stay;
How to deal with problems;
Whether to cry or pray.

There is much to learn about loving;
The joy and pain it can bring;
To roll with all the punches,
And still be able to sing;
To continue to be angry
Or let some peace take wing.

Death teaches us deep lessons
Through agonies of grief;
To question our relationships;
The tests of our belief;
Lessons of compassion,
Forgiveness and relief.

So, let us keep on learning -
No diplomas to be won -
Be always kind to others,
And friend to everyone;
Not to earn brownie points
But spreading smiles as life goes on.

Honoria A. Groves
September 24, 2004