The Right Thing to Do

The right thing to do is not always the easiest,
It can be very hard,
But knowing it is right can make us strong.
The right thing to do can cause us pain
It can result in heartache and loneliness
But knowing it is right is reward in itself
And we can look up to God
Without shame.

The right thing to do is the best way
Even though it breaks our heart
For a time.
The right thing to do is God's way -
Not what our humanity demands
And we can trust our future
Into His Hands.

Doing what is right will be rewarded -
Not perhaps the way we would prefer,
But in knowing peace with God,
Freedom from the bonds of guilt
Forgiveness for our sin
And the warmth of His smile
In our hearts.

Doing what is right is an example
To those who see and know
And perhaps they may be convicted
Of sin in their own lives
That they should let go
And find true freedom.

Doing what is right requires God's help
To give us strength to carry on
The power of His precious Holy Spirit
To make and keep us strong.
The inspiration of His Word
For light on our path
The encouragement and support
Of God's people
All these things are needed
To help us Do What is Right!

Honoria A. Groves

17 February 2001