These Hands

The only hands our Saviour has
To reach the lost today
Are the hands of those He has redeemed
From sin and Satan's way.

These hands can point a sinner
To the Christ of Calvary;
These hands can praise His Blessed Name
When He gives victory.

These hands can be uplifted
With hearts in earnest prayer,
To intercede that others
May know His blessing there.

These hands may lift the weary,
Or soothe a troubled brow;
In practical and kindly ways,
These hands may serve Him now.

These hands can give an offering
To help God's servants reach
The needy millions as they feed,
And heal and preach and teach.

These hands can reach in love to those
Who need some warm concern.
Who do not know that Jesus cares -
These hands may help them learn.

With open arms and nail-prints
Our loving Saviour stands.
Oh bless and guide and use, Lord,
These consecrated hands!

Honoria A. Groves