These Restless Hands

I bring to You, Lord Jesus,
These restless hand of mine,
That you may tranquilize them
By Your great power divine.
Let all the conflict cease,
And help me to relax, Lord,
With hands that rest in peace.

You understand me, Jesus,
And know me through and through.
You only know the reason
For everything I do;
Why these hands always fidget,
And act so restlessly;
What kind of inner turmoil
Builds up inside of me!

I give these hands to You, Lord,
That with a purpose true,
You will redirect them
With useful things to do.
I would not have them idle,
Nor occupied with sin,
But Your blest Holy Spirit
Will guide them from within.

With little deeds of kindness
And thoughtful acts that show
The love of Christ my Saviour
Which others too may know.
Then, when my body's quiet,
My spirit filled with peace,
These hands will be serene, Lord,
And restlessness will cease.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves