The Sharing Place

We need a place, The Sharing Place,
Where people with a need,
May find a warm and loving face,
To be their friend indeed.
Someone who'll listen to their woe,
Their family clothe and feed;
Encourage them to onward go -
A place like this we need!

We need a place - a quiet place
For spiritual rest,
A friendly hand, a kind embrace,
And strength to stand the test.
A place to pray, to hear the Word,
To plan their future best,
To make the precious Saviour
A welcome, honoured Guest.

We need a place, a Sharing Place,
To bring real hope and joy,
To help each troubled parent
And every girl and boy.
So when the storm at last is o'er
The future they can face,
Because they found an Open Door
At this, The Sharing Place.

God bless you all!

Nora Groves

November 18, 1997