The Silent Cry

When I look at your dear face so tired and drawn;
Or walk behind you,
Watching your slow, laboured steps,
And your poor, stooped back,
Once so straight and strong,
I cry inside with silent, tearless sobs.

I grieve for you;
For the powerful man you once were,
For your obvious suffering;
Although you do not complain.
And I grieve for myself -
For the times that are gone forever.
I long to tell you all that is in my heart,
But I cannot because you will not talk about it.

I lie beside you at night
And hear your audible moans
At every movement,
While the ache inside me rises
And gushes forth into quiet tears
Whose flow I am unable to stem
As they soak into my pillow.

Why does love hurt so much?
If I did not care perhaps it would be easier.
But I love you so dearly,
Wishing I could share your pain;
And I live daily with this heavy,
Aching, silent cry in my heart.

As I pray to God for strength
It eases the pain,
Knowing that He cares too!

Honoria A. Groves

August 1991

(During my husband's battle with cancer)