The Storehouse

When the harvest-time is over -
All the sheaves are gathered in,
May many souls be harvested
From the dreaded fields of sin,
Rescued from the snares of Satan
Through the power of Jesus' love,
And gently brought to fellowship
With their Father God above.

And when we reach that Storehouse,
What joy 'twill be to know
Some are there because we cared
While here on earth below.
Sharing news of His salvation
All their sins have been forgiven,
Storing up the precious Treasure
In the great Storehouse of Heaven.

If we will just stay faithful,
Walking close beside our Lord,
Living always in accordance
With the guidance of His Word.
Then some glad day we shall receive
A Crown of purest Gold
And see our Saviour Face to Face
With joy and praise untold!

Honoria A. Groves