The Vacant Place

The Father sat upon His Throne in Heaven's Glory bright,
Surrounded by His Angel host all clad in snowy white,
When one of them said, "Father, wherever can He be,
Where is Thy well-beloved Son, Who always sat by Thee?"

The Father turned His loving eyes upon the puzzled one
And said, "My dear, the Empty Throne was left by my dear Son
Who has descended from His Home to live upon the earth;
And this night you will be sent down to tell men of His Birth".

The Father's eyes grew sorrowful and silence fell again
As all looked at the Vacant Place which caused them so much pain.
But then His voice rang out again, "Rejoice, 'tis Christmas Day,
Weep not, your Master will return, for He is Just Away".

"Be not so sad, my children, I know it's hard to part;
Think too of those upon the earth who have a broken heart.
He left us, not to make you sad, but for a purpose high,
And when it is accomplished, we'll see Him by and by".

So, you who have a heavy heart upon this Christmas Day,
And weep to see the Vacant Place around your home today,
Remember that the Father knows exactly how you feel,
And He can share your suffering with sympathy so real.

Try too, to think not of your loss as though it were a blow,
But that the Lord had need of him above, and you below.
And someday when all tasks are done, from earth you will be free,
To join your loved one and with him spend all Eternity.

Honoria Groves