The Wonderful God I Know

The wonderful God I know is a loving Father God,
One who knows and understands each path that I have trod;
Through Christ, He has forgiven each wicked, willful way,
Now in the paths of righteousness He leads my steps each day.
He's not the austere, rigid Judge who glowers with a frown,
As some would seem to think of Him - I see Him smiling down -
That's the Wonderful God I know!

The wonderful God I know is holy, pure and good,
And He requires a blameless life, as any Father would.
Conversion means to turn from sin, forsake the evil way;
But how can I, mere mortal, please a holy God each day?
Alone, that is impossible, I know I'd fail for sure,
But He imparts His Holiness, to cleanse and keep me pure -
That's the wonderful God I know!

The wonderful God I know is not just a God of law,
He gave the ten commandments, but He stands for so much more;
Jesus brought a new commandment, the old law to fulfill.
It takes both love and freedom to really do God's will.
He asks not blind obedience to every little rule,
But to grow and keep on learning in His Spirit's loving school -
That's the wonderful God I know!

The wonderful God I know, my every need supplies,
He comforts and upholds me and completely satisfies.
He is water to the thirsty, sustaining Bread of Life,
Companion during loneliness, and peace amid the strife.
No longer do we need to seek the pleasures this world craves,
For Jesus has delivered us and He completely saves -
That's the wonderful God I know!

The wonderful God I know is a powerful, mighty King,
Who makes His strength available to me in everything.
I need not be a weakling, for there's nothing He can't do,
And with His spirit in my life, I can do all things too!
He never uses His great power to hurt or to destroy,
But broken lives he reconstructs and fills them with His joy,
That's the wonderful God I know!

Now I don't know exactly how God appears to you,
I only know He's wonderful and thrills me through and through,
Pouring grace abundant, the willing heart to bless,
Filling with His love and peace, and power and thankfulness.
I pray that you will know Him too, for He has grace to spare,
Then, with great rejoicing, together we can share
The wonderful God I know!

Honoria A. Groves