Think of Me

When you need a caring friend,
Or you feel you've reached the end,
When you want a loving hand
Or support to help you stand,
Think of Me!

When your days are bleak and grey
And you walk a lonely way,
When you bear a heavy heart
And from loved ones had to part,
Call on Me!

When you need a listening ear,
Crave to know a presence near,
Want to say just how you feel,
And find sympathy that's real,

Talk to Me! When you face a rocky road,
Bearing such a heavy load,
When the path is not so clear,
And your heart is filled with fear,
Walk with Me!

When your spirit's feeling weak,
You have not found what you seek,
When you long to know real peace,
And from sin you need release,
Come to Me!

When you've tried and failed again,
When you've known rejection's pain,
When you want to be your best,
And need help to pass the test,
Learn from Me!

When you know the Living Way
By My side you want to stay,
When with others you would share,
Spend more precious time in prayer,
Dwell with Me!

Honoria A. Groves

November 17, 1996