This Day's Grace

Oh Lord, this is a brand-new day
For night took yesterday away.
Before I slept I sought your grace
Yesterday's failures to erase.
Today I have a new clean sheet
Past errors may I not repeat.
With grace each day you satisfy,
But now I come for a fresh supply.
And humbly seek before your face
For my rich portion
Of this Day's Grace.

I praise You Lord, for days gone by
When abundant grace you did supply.
But yesterday's grace was for that day's need.
Each day O Lord, my soul you feed,
For manna never can be stored
But is continually poured
In blessings on the thirsty soul.
Let glory, hallelujahs roll
For such a mighty God of Grace
Who blesses my soul
With This Day's Grace!

Honoria A. Groves