This Is Me

I know I'm untidy as ever could be,
I hoard book and papers, as people can see,
My home gets so messy, I can't understand
Why things don't work out exactly as planned.
There's always been dust on the shelves or the floor,
Wherever it comes from I don't know, I'm sure!
For although I'll admit I don't like housework,
My duties I honestly try not to shirk.
But doing the same things becomes such a chore,
My home seems a prison, and life quite a bore.
Some women can keep their homes lovely to see,
But I guess I'm not like them, because THIS IS ME!

Now I am at ease with a paper and a pen;
To let my thoughts wonder and wonder again,
And putting words together for me is a joy,
As rhyming and rhythm I feel employ.
Piano and organ and typewriter too,
Are instruments my fingers gladly take to.
I love to create in a culinary way,
And nourish my family well everyday.
My children can trust me, of this I am sure,
And in my affection know they are secure.

I have a capacity to be a good wife,
Stay true to my husband each day of my life.
I love him so dearly, with all of my heart,
And pray that till death we will never part.
For I need his love and his strength consistently,
And I also believe that he loves and needs me.
I have lots of compassion with others to share,
And gladly will help their burdens to bear.
I can listen with sympathy to tales of woe,
And where I am needed, willingly go.

But I know that sometimes I get very depressed,
And find it hard to relax and rest.
My mood swings freely from high to low,
And I don't need anyone to tell me so.
This fact therefore accepted as such,
As long as I stay completely in touch
with reality and usually react
Appropriately, attempting to act
Within the limits of my own self-control,
For I know that I have a sensitive soul.

One lessoned I finally have learned
Is recognizing moods I had spurned.
So, when my anger is deeply stirred,
I know to express it by deed or word,
Not wishing to cause another some harm,
Or to disturb my own inner calm,
But to avoid the destructive stress
Of deep, unacknowledged unhappiness.
So, although I admire serenity,
I have to admit that right now THIS IS ME!

I'm glad for the help of Mr. Darnell,
And the friends I have made in the group as well,
For I feel that my progress has been good,
As I look back to where I once stood.
More confidence in myself I feel,
And ability to assess what is real.
But, standing back and taking stock,
I seemed to have reached a stumbling block,
For I found I go to extremes
In the other direction, or so it seems.
So much confusion in my mind
He made me deaf and almost blind
To anyone's troubles except my own,
And I began to live in a world alone.
I talked of my feelings more and more,
And to my friends became a real bore.
I am glad I can finally see
That this is certainly NOT THE REAL ME!
So, from now on I intend to be
The caring person that REALLY IS ME.

I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father, God,
And for His Son Jesus, who this earth trod,
Then gave His life gladly upon Calvary
From sin's condemnation to set our souls free.
I'm so glad to me He made Himself known,
And now I need never feel alone.
No longer do I bear my sin's guilt and shame,
But humbly, yet proudly carry His Name.
Without his Help I could never survive,
For He makes it worthwhile just being alive.
He helps me each day in all that I do,
And gives me hope for the future too.
Without Him I do not know where I would be,
But thanks be to God I can say "THIS IS ME!"

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves