This One Thing I Do


Forgetting those things which are behind,
The past shall not the future bind,
For all the failure, sin and loss,
Are covered by the Blood of the Cross.
Christ died to set our spirits free
And purchase perfect liberty,
His Power has broken Satan's chain,
Through Grace I now can live again!

Praise God, I did His Mercy find,
I will forget what is behind,
For He has promised He will cast
Behind His back my wicked past.
No more remembering my guilt
For which my Saviour's Blood was spilt.
Therefore with faith in Jesus' Name
I shall not cower in guilt and shame.

But this one thing I'll surely do,
Trusting in His Word so true,
I will reach out toward the prize
Which God has placed before my eyes,
Straining forward in this race,
With Jesus Christ Who sets the pace,
With every effort I will press
Toward the goal of Christ likeness.

When I forget what is behind,
Some things I still should keep in mind,
Remembering the lessons learned,
And good things that should not be spurned,
My feeble strength is not enough
To keep me straight when things get tough,
Each day I must learn to depend
On God, my closest Guide and Friend.

This race is not a great contest
To find out who might be the best.
Christ's followers should not compete;
The Church, His Body, is complete,
But every member is unique
And our own function we must seek.
As individuals we live
With different talents each to give.

Some may run quite strong and fast,
While others reach the goal the last,
But God alone can see the test
And knows if we have done our best.
All those who seek to win the prize
Must not watch others, but keep their eyes
On Christ, Who has already won
As He urges us on and says "Well Done!"

Honoria A. Groves

This is about running the Christian race.