Those Pretty Coloured Pills

My cupboard has bottles all in a row
With pills of all colours, like a rainbow.
Each morning I take an orange, a green,
A tiny white one that can hardly be seen
And a two-tone capsule of pink and black
To keep the heartburn from coming back.

Each Sunday those bottles are taken out -
They're a pretty sight, without a doubt -
To fill my container for the coming week
As good health and energy I daily seek.
One of each goes into the right spot
With the hope they will help me a lot.

This for my digestion I truly need;
That for arthritis is a friend indeed;
Vitamins and calcium help these old joints.
And the one for muscle cramps wins good points.
But I have a question, can you tell me why
They're so big to swallow, I think I will die?

Much as I dislike swallowing pills,
I'm grateful for the way they help my ills.
I love all the colours, so pretty they look;
But it's not their appearance; it says in the book,
It's all the good stuff they put on the inside
And the coating is only the bad taste to hide.

Now sometimes this reminds me of life
Which often brings us trouble and strife.
But still there is beauty around us to see -
Good friends and loved ones our helpers to be.
And a caring God Who His peace instills
Like the colour on all those pretty pills!

Honoria ("Nora")Groves

September 30. 2003