Time for Grandma

My school friends would often say
"Oh, I have to visit Grandma today,"
Then I would ask, “Could I come too?
I'd really like to go with you.”
For me it was a happy day
To see a grandma, old and grey,
As tea and cookies she would share -
It brought to me a pleasure rare!

I never had my own grandma;
She lived across the ocean far,
Letters and pictures were all I knew
To tell me that she loved me too.
Then, when to Canada I came
The situation was the same
Because by then grandma was gone -
For me, no memories to live on.

When you were kids I loved to see
You come to spend some time with me.
We would play games, perhaps we'd bake
Some cookies you could proudly take
Back home for your Mom and Dad
And tell them all the fun we had.
And still I love it when you find
Time to visit and cheer my mind.

These days young people seem to race
From school to job and every place.
Their lives are full and overflowing
So many things to keep them going,
It's hard to find the time to go
This I understand and know.
That's why it means so very much
To see your face and feel your touch.

I am so happy when you come;
Life feels less lonely when you're gone.
Life is speeding quickly by
And one day your grandma will die.
Then, maybe when you've time to spare
Grandma may not still be there.
So come and take a little while
To bring your loving Gran a smile.

Honoria ("Nora")Groves

December 2003