Touch Through Me

Let my hands be Your Hands to touch this world today;
These lips be used to witness and to pray;
My feet may tread where no believer trod,
So blind eyes see the glorious Light of God!

My heart shall cry for dying and for dead
Who never knew the soul's life-giving Bread.
Material things with which my life is blessed
I'll share, and in Thy Kingdom, Lord, invest.

Lord, take this life to make a difference now,
As in complete surrender before your Throne I bow.
For all that you have done to save this soul of mine,
In gratitude, let your love through me shine.

Your Power, flowing through this channel may
An impact make upon this world today.
What I can do, dear Jesus, is not much,
But through me, Lord, Your Hands may others touch!

Honoria A. Groves