Tune In

Did you turn on your receiver
This morning when you awoke?
Did you tune in to Jesus?
Did you listen when He spoke?
Or were you just too busy
To hear the things He said?
And were you far too tired
Last night when you went to bed?

Did you perhaps just turn it on
But leave the volume low.
Because so many voices
All seem to clamour so?
We need to watch our tuning
Very carefully indeed,
For these days many sounds would seek
Our thoughts and lives to lead.

But if you tune in to Jesus
First thing every day,
And turn up your receiver,
He will guide you all the way.
He'll lift your drooping spirits,
He will guard you from all sin,
And give you joy abundant!
So Tune In, friend, Tune In!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves