Under New Management

Passing an old familiar store
I noticed a sign not there before,
And paused to wonder as I read -
"Under New Management", it said.
There's a new owner, I supposed,
At least it hasn't moved or closed.
What changes will this now entail?
Some new stock,perhaps a sale!

As on my way that day I went,
I thought of other things it meant.
Someone else would now decide
What to keep, or cast aside.
Outward changes might be seen,
As paint may change from blue to green.
One day a new sign would proclaim
To all the brand new owner's name.

Then I began to think and see
The changes God had made in me.
I always had to be in control,
Behind the wheel of my own soul,
While those around me all should be
Going the same direction as me,
Until the day I understood
That in God's sight this was not good.

A better way for me was planned.
As I submitted to His Hand
And let His Spirit guide and lead
He provides all that I need.
As all my doors I opened wide
He changed both outside and inside.
Now my strong will to Him does bow -
New Management I'm under now!

Honoria A. Groves

October, 1993