Use Me

I feel a constant prodding in my back,
An urgency that I cannot define,
A need to make up for some former lack,
A pull that's irresistibly Divine;
A cry that comes from deep within my heart,
Energized by love's intensity,
That in Your service I may have some part -
A prayer - "O Lord, use me!"

Each day You bless my soul in countless ways,
Salvation You so wondrously bestow;
Your Holy Spirit fills my life with praise,
Until my cup must surely overflow.
So now I ask for the steps that You will lead
To thirsty souls who pass along my way.
Show me how I may help to meet their need -
O Lord, use me TODAY!

You promised that if You were lifted up,
Men would be drawn toward Your bleeding side,
Help me to witness, and thus tip my cup,
To share the Fount of Life You have supplied.
Unhindered, may Your Spirit flow through me,
To bring some soul before Your Cross to bow,
For soon they may be lost eternally -
For this, Lord, use me NOW!

Honoria A. Groves