What is war?
Is it simply retribution?
Display of power?
Outburst of anger?
A show of force against the helpless?

Is it motivated by greed?
Protection of a certain lifestyle?
Desire to maintain the economy?
Or is it justifiable?

Does it really prove anyone's supremacy?

Does it always solve problems?
Result in peace?
Improve humanity?
Bring an end to hostilities?

Does it demonstrate
Love and concern for others?
Does it protect the downtrodden?
Does it bring back
Those who were killed?
Does it make anyone happy?

One dictionary definition is

War feeds on fear;
Causes death and destruction;
Throws the whole world into turmoil;
Disrupts families;
Interrupts studies, careers and ambitions;
Traumatizes the young;
Intimidates the old;
Weakens the strong;
Tears at the roots of decency;
Obliterates care for the needy;
Promotes distrust and suspicion;

Is there any such thing
As a Holy War?

As I see it,
War is NOT HOLY!
It is conceived by evil;
Given life by wickedness.

Can God truly bless any War?

I don't know the answers
But I do know
That God blesses
Those who try to make
And keep, peace.
He comforts the bereaved
He strengthens those who trust in Him,
And He loves
People on both sides
Of the conflict.

Honoria A. Groves

November 9 2001