Wedding Prayer

In Cana Village long ago
Jesus first used His power to show
'Twas at the wedding feast like this,
A time of happiness and bliss.
But then they had a need arise
And right before their very eyes,
He turned the water into wine
By His Almighty Power divine.

We know You still possess this power
And even in this very hour
You can supply our every need
As you our souls and bodies feed.
So, in this time of happiness,
We ask, dear Lord, that You will bless
This very special groom and bride
As they journey side by side.

Bless them with Your grace and love,
And meet their needs from Heaven above
We thank you for this happy day
And Commit to You their future way.

Accept our thanks, Lord, for this food;
You are the giver of all good.
So bless our time together here,
With Your presence always near.
Each day be happy as today,
In Jesus' precious Name we pray.


Honoria A. Groves