We Know What Christ Can Do

We know what Christ can do, for He bestows a radiant face
On those who know they are redeemed by His atoning grace.
He gives peace and satisfaction that this world cannot supply,
Filling hearts to overflowing, from His well that's never dry!

We know what Christ can do, for we have seen His mighty Hand
Work miracles in lives, changing things that they had planned,
Making something beautiful and wonderful to see,
When His Spirit came upon them and whispered "Follow Me".

We know what Christ can do when His followers obey;
He turns their eyes from worldly things and says "This is the Way".
"If you will walk this narrow path I'll surely be your Guide,
And through your future pilgrimage I'll never leave your side."

We know what Christ can do with fully consecrated lives;
He transforms their ambitions and redirects their drives;
So that serving in His Kingdom to bring glory to His Name
By winning souls for Jesus, becomes their single aim.

We know what Christ can do when He can find a willing heart,
He will cleanse and mould and use it, in His plan to take a part.
He'll bless others by that channel as His Spirit flows on through,
Oh, Praise His Name forever, Yes, we know what Christ will do!

Honoria A. Groves