We Remember

We remember
The Wars -
Those who died;
Innocent young lives
Lost for the cause of freedom.
And we are thankful.

We remember
Those who survived
With their bitter memories
Of horror and fear.
We salute the brave;
We honour all who served;
And gratefully remember.

We remember
September 11, 2001;
The disbelief,
destruction, loss of life,
Hopes and dreams extinguished;
The ensuing chaos
And ongoing dread.

We reflect on the aftermath;
More destruction,
And death,
Hunger and horror;
In the desert of drought and fire.

Oh God of Peace,
Forgive us all!
In desperation we pray;
In Your Justice we Trust;
And with Hope
We remember!

+ + + + + +

Honoria A. Groves

November 11, 2001