We Stand With You in Prayer

Dear friend, when heavy burdens
Seem more than you can bear,
There's strength in the assurance
That Jesus Christ is there,
And comfort in the knowledge
Friends stand with you in prayer.

When all around is darkness,
Your heart is filled with fear,
Feeling so abandoned,
Not even God seems near;
When everything seems hopeless
"Does anybody care?"
When you can't pray - remember -
We hold you up in prayer.

So, in this time of testing,
Just leave with God your care,
Trusting Him to carry
By far the larger share;
He'll take from you all worry
As He stands with you in prayer.

Then, when the clouds have lifted
And the sun shines through so fair,
We'll all rejoice together
That to trust Him we did dare,
Knowing God will always answer
As we stand with you in prayer.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves