What Do You Want From God?

What are you seeking this morning
As you come before your God?
Do you acknowledge His Lordship?
The authority of His Word?
Do you want a stronger awareness
Of His presence in your life?
Are you willing to be confronted
With the core of sin and strife?

Do you want the Holy Spirit
To open up your eyes?
So you can see the deepest needs
You did not recognize?
Admitting with true repentance,
You need forgiving grace,
And falling in deep humility
Before His Holy Face?

Do you want to tell Him you love Him?
And pray to draw closer still?
To know with sure conviction
You are living in His Will?
Desiring the sweet assurance
Of a cleansed and holy heart,
Sealed with the Spirit's approval
Filled with righteousness He'll impart?

Do you need to know Jesus better,
And more like Him to be?
Do you need courage to witness
That others Christ may see?
Do you need His comfort in sorrow,
Or strength for a difficult task?
Whatever your need or your longing,
He's waiting for you to ask.

So what will you answer this morning
When His Spirit whispers anew,
"Tell me, child so beloved,
What you'd like Me to do for you!"?

Honoria A. Groves